High Atlas Mountains

Ourika Valley

This trip takes you to the prettiest berber valley situated 60kms south of Marrakech . Berber villages and hamlets perched on mountain slopes of the high Atlas range ¨. Stop to take photos of the little terrases of various crops and other wonderful and exotic sceneries . You will have time to visit a local berber house and some stores of pottery and varied samples of minerals and cristals before you return to Marrakech.


A day excursion to the Atlantic Coast

A full day excursion to Essaouira ;the most ancient portuguees fishing village in Morocco .It was founded by the Romans as a purple port .The great king Mohamed ben Abdel Allah rebuilt the city in the 18thc and gave it the Moorish flavour .A good oppotunity to see goats on Argan trees .Visit the ancient ramparts,the port with its fishermen,souks,carpentury centre ,the skala .Drive back to Marrakech .

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Carpenters cooperative

The city of carpentry.A centre where wood -makers carve everything from small boxes to statues and tables out of cedar and thuya wood.

The old fishing port

Essaouira was an old free port for Europian merchants and jewish agents engaged in the trans-saharan gold ,ivory and slaves trade.


Argan Tree

The scientific name of the tree is Argania Spinosa.It is native to Morocco.The argan oil is nown as a high value product.It is used as a high value product .It is used as treatment of many diseases and has became a fashionable product in Europe and North America .It is favoured by europian cosmitics manufacturers.The goats like its fruits.