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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I am not only your tour-guide but also your host and friend.

Protective measures against COVID 19 must be implemented: before, during and after the service (visits to tourist monuments, museums, natural sites, excursions, etc.). Prior to the service, the tour guide must: ü Have the health and emergency center numbers available. ü Have a hygiene kit available (masks, gloves, disinfectants, etc). ü Be equipped with adapted audio equipment (e.g. audiophone) provided by the travel agencies organizing tours in order to facilitate interpretation. ü Make sure that clients are provided with their own masks (to be renewed every 4 hours). ü not work if COVID 19 symptoms are present, or if in contact with infected persons. During the service, the tour guide and clients must: ü Ensure that the rules of physical distancing are respected. ü Be aware of the precautionary measures to be adopted during the visit or the circuit to be carried out. ü Comply with regulatory provisions (as part of health crisis management) regarding the maximum number of people per group. ü Respect the safety instructions: adequate minimum distance between each person during the visit and during breaks and stops, wearing a mask is mandatory (if the mask is disturbing for the guide during interpretation, the use of an audiophone and/or a protective visor is recommended). ü Disinfect their hands after each contact (door, grill, etc.) ü Systematically disinfect the equipment after each use (especially for the natural areas tour guides) ü Encourage electronic payment, If it is not made before the service is provided. After the service, the tour guide must: ü Recover the material used to disinfect it (especially for the natural areas guides)

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The Post Office in the big square Jamaa El Fna Marrakech ,Marrakech 40000 Morocco

" I will be happy to meet you in your hotel or if you are close to the big Square i can meet you at Café France if you like.My great respect and best wishes ".Mohamed Azim 

"I will be happy to  meet you at your hotel or in front of the post-office in the big Square Jamaa El Fna Cheers"