Travel Hospitality Award 2020

Hello  I hope you are well. As you probably know our judging panel began the selection process last week and we are happy to announce that the winners for Morocco have now been finalised. I am pleased to say that Marrakech Guide Azim has been selected as our winner for; Tour Guide of the Year Congratulations! The next step is to accept and select one the five options and confirm that you are happy to be published in the winners guide and on our website. You also have the opportunity to purchase additional promotional coverage, or trophies and display items to showcase.

Award Acceptance


The Post Office in the big square Jamaa El Fna Marrakech ,Marrakech 40000 Morocco

" I will be happy to meet you in your hotel or if you are close to the big Square i can meet you at Café France if you like.My great respect and best wishes ".Mohamed Azim 

"I will be happy to  meet you at your hotel or in front of the post-office in the big Square Jamaa El Fna Cheers"